Chefs Corner


We are proud to introduce our very own talented Chef Eva Vostrel, as a Certified Chef de Cuisine with a diverse background she brings creativity and imagination.

Chef Eva has worked and studied under chefs from all around the world and now brings 20 years of experience. In 2009 she received a Culinary Excellence Award, has worked in various European Bistros, Hotels, Elite Private Parties, Celebrity Food & Wine Festivals, Political Events & Fine Dining Restaurants.

Originally from the Czech Republic and growing up on everything made from scratch, her food today is the reflection of her style. Her dedication to food and understanding the ingredient has driven her to study various ethnic origins to add to her unique diversity. Her goal is to travel the world and cook in each country.

We have all of our own recipes and creations passed down within the Community or created by our Chef including in house baking for various occasion, done by some volunteers and kitchen apprentices. We now have two apprentices Belen Aviles & Toula Panos. Belen comes to us from Buenos Aires, Argentina & she has been working under Chef Eva for 17 months working towards a bakery/pastry career. Toula Panos is a first year apprentice.