A Time for Renewal

In 2012, our community initiated a strategic initiative to look at how our current facilities could be updated and revitalized. As part of this initiative, it included looking at how our community could take advantage of the development opportunities available for the properties that surround our church and community centre. While our existing facilities have served us well over the past 40 years, our community felt it was important to plan for our future and ensure that our facilities will be able to serve the future generations of our community and that our community remains self-sustaining.


Priorities of Our Membership

During this process, our members identified the following priorities for any redevelopment plans of the

community lands:

In order to assist in the process, the Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) was formed. The CIC consists of members of our community who are professionals, community leaders and other dedicated members. This group took the lead to research and identify the various options available to our community as part of this initiative and based on the priorities that had been identified by our membership. The CIC’s mandate was to bring forward recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the membership on the future of our community.


The Renewal Program & Townline Homes

After many years of research, consultation and careful consideration by the CIC, I am pleased to advise that the Board of Trustees is ready to present you with a way forward – which we believe is in our community’s best interests. As part of the Renewal Program, the CIC has identified that the HCV would be best suited to achieve these goals by partnering with a local and experienced developer to assist with the redevelopment of the community landholdings. Following an extensive screening process, we have identified Townline Homes as the development partner that best aligns with the community’s needs and requirements for its Renewal Program. Towline Homes, which is a Vancouver based developer, has had extensive experience with church redevelopments with five similar church partnerships within the Greater Vancouver area.

As this proposal will impact us all, the involvement and input of our membership is very important. In order for our members to fully understand the Renewal Program and the proposed redevelopment option, we will be hosting a series of Information Sessions in November on Sunday’s after the Divine Liturgy.

These sessions are designed to make sure our members have the most current information about the proposed redevelopment, have the opportunity to be fully informed and ask questions.

Click below to review the renewal brochure:

Renewal brochure

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