Valley View Cemetery Plots



The Hellenic Community of Vancouver has available cemetery plots at the Valley View Memorial Gardens. These cemetery plots are in a dedicated Greek Orthodox Section.

Prices for the cemetery plots are schedules to increase effective January 1st 2017.

Members have an opportunity to pre-purchase their cemetery plots at the current rates up to December 31st 2016 before the rate increases. The prices offered by the Hellenic Community of Vancouver are less that market rates available from the cemetery.

If you are interested in purchasing a cemetery plot, please contact the community offices at (604)266-7148.

Prices Prior to December 31st 2016 Prices Effective January 1st 2017
Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
Flush $3950 +GST $4500+GST $4950+GST $5500+GST
Upright $4850 +GST $5400+GST $5850+GST $6400+GST


Please note the following:

  • All prices are subject to availability and are on a first come/ first serve basis
  • The Hellenic Community of Vancouver (HCV) reserves the right to limit the number of pre-sales without notice. In order to be eligible for member pricing you must be a member in good standing. The purchase of any plots¬†are subject to the rules and regulations of both the HCV and Valley View Memorial Gardens.
  • The re-sale of any plots purchased from the HCV is not permitted without the written consent of the HCV and is subject to an assignment fee.