Youth Group


Our Community is committed to reaching out to all our members.

We are working diligently and comprehensively to create programs for all ages that gather, nurture, inspire and celebrate our Hellenic Culture & Orthodox Christian Faith. Through social & educational programs we can effectively gather the members of our community and unite and support them as one Greek Orthodox Family. Our youth programs will also act as a tool to bring the youth in our community closer by always presenting our Culture and Faith through fun and creative activities and events which will promote lasting friendships and great memories!

Playgroup (0-Preschool)

The purpose of playgroup is to promote friendship amongst the children and parents in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, through stories, games and songs. This group offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to get to know each other. Playgroup once a week, starting October 1st until December 9th, as well as getting together for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast with Santa. We welcome everyone with open arms!

HOPE (Kindergarten – Grade 3)

HOPE – Hellenic Orthodox Pre Youth Group. Its mission is to lead our little community members into experiencing fun through an assortment of games and activities, at the same time making long lasting friendships, all while maintaining the spirit of our faith. HOPE members will be meeting bi-monthly, as well as participating in day camps and excursions throughout the year!

JOY (Grade 4 – 6)

JOY – Junior Orthodox Youth Group. Its mission is to lead our young people into experiencing Greek Orthodox Culture & Faith through a wide range of games, activities and discussions.

GOYA (Grade 7 – 11)

GOYA – Greek Orthodox Youth Association. This fantastic group of youth will engage in activities, make lifelong friendships and express their faith throughout the year with several events. GOYA will meet bi-monthly, as well as participate in day camps, excursions, re-treats and more. Through hands on activities, this program offers group leadership, planning and communication skills. Our young people will be equipped with tools necessary to assist them in their life’s journey as Greek Orthodox Christians.

ENA (Young Adults Youth, Grade 12 & up)

ENA (meaning ‘one’) is our Young Adults Youth Group. This ministry group serves the Greek Orthodox college students, young professionals and young adults in our community. ENA is a great program that gives young adults the opportunity to be more involved in the Hellenic Community and Orthodox Faith; through discussions, excursions, Greek Nights and more, ENA allows its members an opportunity to make lasting friendships, all the while learning valuable tools to help them in their everyday lives.


All groups, except Playgroup, will meet bi-monthly on Tuesday nights, as well as participate in day camps, excursions and activities every few months. Playgroup will meet everyThursday morning, from October 1st – December 9th, 2016 and January 9th – April 7th, 2017. Please see the community calendar for all the upcoming events & times.

Tuesday Night Youth Group

HOPE/JOY – 7:00 – 8:00 PM

GOYA – 6:00 – 7:00 PM

ENA – Meets once a month, email for more information.

Fees & Registration

To register for the youth programs please fill out a registration form.

Community Members – Free

Non-Members $20

How can you help out?

Help is always needed and appreciated. For anyone interested in volunteering their time to help out with our youth groups please see Fr. Constantinos Economos or Elleni Asimakis. Volunteer hours will be logged and reference letters can be given upon request!


To run these programs we are in constant need of supplies! If you would like to donate please contact the Hellenic Community of Vancouver at 604.266.7148 or e-mail us at