Camp Met

Camp Metamorphosis British Columbia is a youth program which is geared at connecting the youth with their Hellenic Culture and Orthodox Christian Faith! Camp Met BC was established in 2010 under the direction of Rev. Fr. Constantinos Economos, the founding Camp Director. Camp Metamorphosis BC runs a summer camp during the week preceding the Labour Day long weekend, as well as a Winter Camp between Christmas and New Year’s. Other various events are held throughout the year to fundraise and to keep the youth connected. Camp Metamorphosis of BC is committed to sending campers home with a smile on their face and a glow in their heart. There are many fun activities at our events including aquatics, !eld sports, archery, and rope courses, to name a few. But the magic happens when our staff gets creative and invents new ways of having fun! We embrace our culture through a number of activities and performances. Something as simple as referring to someone by their full name has an impact. Campers learn to celebrate their culture and to respect cultural diversity. You don’t have to be Greek to come to camp, but liking Greek food might help!

CAMP MET BC is a Non-Pro!t Organization. It is because of generous donations from people like you that we have been able to keep Camp running at a reduced cost since 2010. If your family or organization would like to help us out by providing extra snacks, donating supplies, offsetting costs, or even to help sponsor a kid or two who’s family cannot afford to send them.