Our Church

Welcome to our Church! St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral has been the home of the Greek Orthodox Community in BC since 1927. Although our Community has expanded across BC including our sister Churches in East Vancouver, Surrey, and Victoria, as the Cathedral, St. George remains the mother Church in BC welcoming and embracing all. As the first spiritual home for so many Orthodox Christians in BC, so many wonderful memories have been made under our dome: liturgies, ordinations, wedding, baptisms, chrismations, beautiful Christmas and Paschal Vigils, and many cultural and community celebrations and commemroations. Our Cathedral has also had the honour to love and support our Community in times of need: funerals, memorials, sickness, local and national tragedies and events. Through everything, we fall back on our Orthodox Christian faith which confesses: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Trinity one in essence and undivided. We confess Jesus Christ as King and God, and we hold onto our Orthodox Christian Faith, the Faith of the Apostles, the Faith of the Fathers and Saints of the Church, the Faith that unites us to one another and to our Lord, God, and Saviour, Jesus Christ in a communion of love, truth, and faith.


Sound interesting?

We’ve only just scratched the surface. The best advice we can offer is that of St. Phillip the Apostle: “Come and See” – John 1:46

Looking forward to meeting you and praying God speaks to all our hearts.

– Rev. Fr. Odisseys Drossos (Parish Priest – St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral)

Our Patron Saint

Saint (holy) George, this truly great and glorious Martyr of Christ, was born of a father from Cappadocia and a mother from Palestine. Being a military tribune, or chiliarch (that is, a commander of a thousand troops), he was illustrious in battle and highly honoured for his courage. When he learned that the Emperor Diocletian was preparing a persecution of the Christians, Saint George presented himself publicly before the Emperor and denounced him. When threats and promises could not move him from his steadfast confession, he was put to unheard-of tortures, which he endured with great bravery, overcoming them by his faith and love towards Christ. By the wondrous signs that took place in his contest, he guided many to the knowledge of the truth, including Queen Alexandra, wife of Diocletian, and was finally beheaded in 296 in Nicomedia. His sacred remains were taken by his servant from Nicomedia to Palestine, to a town called Lydda, the homeland of his mother, and then were finally transferred to the church which was raised up in his name. (The translation of the Saint’s holy relics to the church in Lydda is commemorated on November 3; Saint Alexandra the Queen, on April 21.) If April 23 falls on or before Great and Holy Pascha, the Feast of St. George is translated to Bright Monday.


Ὡς τῶν αἰχμαλώτων ἐλευθερωτὴς* καὶ τῶν πτωχῶν ὑπερασπιστής,* ἀσθενούντων ἰατρός, βασιλέων ὑπέρμαχος,* Τροπαιοφόρε Μεγαλομάρτυς Γεώργιε, * πρεσβεῦε Χριστῷ Τῷ Θεῷ * σωθῆναι τάς ψυχὰς ἡμῶν.

As the one known for setting captives free, * and defending those in poverty. * Physician of the sick, champion of royalty, * Victorious Great Martyr George, * intercede to Christ our God * for the salvation of our souls.

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