Greek School


We are a community-run, accredited Greek Language school.

Our objective is to teach Greek language to our students while exposing them to our rich Greek culture.

We offer preschool and kindergarten classes where through play, art and song, our students will have their first exposure in the classroom to spoken and written Greek. Students will begin their formal Greek language learning in Level 1 and we currently offer 7 levels of Greek language. Group classes as well as private and semiprivate lessons are offered, as well as traditional, twice-a-week and once-a-week tuition.

Greek School Registration 2020-21

  • For 3 or more children, please email us to register the THIRD and additional children at
  • PLEASE NOTE: Special Rate available for 3+ child (only available for twice a week tuition).
  • MEMBERSHIP: Class pricing is for Members. If you have not paid your membership, please contact the office. Non-Members will be contacted for pricing adjustments.
  • VOLUNTEER CHEQUES: Make cheque payable to Hellenic Community of Vancouver; post-dated for June 25, 2021. MAIL TO: ATTN Greek School, Hellenic Community of Vancouver, 4500 Arbutus Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 4A2. 

Payment Form

After you fill out your registration, please make your online payment under “Greek School”.