We are happy to be announcing our newest program at the Hellenic Community of Vancouver for its valued members that is focused on promoting Mental Health Wellness. 

We have partnered up with our very own Anna Morfidis to offer discounted counselling and or coaching services at our centre with part of the fees going back to the Hellenic Community of Vancouver. 


Anna holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a concentration in Psychology from UBC and a Wellness Counselling/Coaching degree from Rhodes College. She is highly trained in overall mental wellbeing particularly in concentrations of Family, Trauma, Couples and Youth therapy. Anna having gone through her own journey of self healing and self actualization, has a huge passion for inner peace, positive core beliefs, releasing anxiety and moving on from depression. “Once you are able to understand yourself, then you will be able to understand the unfolding of life around you. You have the power to live the life you have always dreamed of. Nothing is ever out of reach.”

Many of you may know Anna already from volunteering her time in the past running our Greek School, Summer Camps and Youth Groups creating opportunities of connection and learning for our little ones, or helping at various HCV events that were hosted throughout the years in our hall. Please welcome her back as she continues to offer her services now geared towards mental health.

Please email annamorfidis@gmail.com or call 604 783 2137 to make your appointment or use this link: HERE: (Discounted rates will apply upon booking)

Services are offered in both Greek and English.

Rates at $50/hour for members and $100 for non members with part going back to the HCV.

Payments can be made at the office of the HCV or directly to Anna Morfidis.

For further information please visit Mending Hearts Counselling