Our community is committed to offering the best programs for our members.

Altar Boys

All Greek Orthodox Boys aged 12 years & older are welcomed to join the Altar Boy team! Altar Boys are put into teams and assigned specific Sunday’s to serve Divine Liturgy.

Camp Met

Camp Metamorphosis British Columbia is a youth program which is geared at connecting the youth with their Hellenic Culture and Orthodox Christian Faith! 

Greek Dancing

The Hellenic Community of Vancouver offers regular classes in traditional Greek dance, for all ages!  The dance groups, under the umbrella name of Enosis, are a homage to the original dance group that represented the Hellenic Community of Vancouver in the early to mid 1970s.

Greek School

We offer preschool and kindergarten classes where through play, art and song, our students will have their first exposure in the classroom to spoken and written Greek.

Mental Wellness

Special rates for valued members that is focused on promoting and supporting Mental Wellness. 


TaeKwonDo lessons are offered through child and youth/adult classes meeting on Saturdays and Sundays. Learn martial arts kicking and punching techniques, master your form, get physically fit and build your focus and self-discipline.

Sunday School

As a part of our Church, Sunday School teaches children about Christ and our faith through instruction, art and music.